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(Vegetarian) Soy Mushroom Steak Package

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Product Description

Soy Mushroom Steak x 4 pcs

Ingredient : Textured soya protein, soya bean, mushroom-stem, vegetable oil and vegetarian seasoning

Ingredient: Frozen 5" Corn Cob x 4 pcs

Halal Certified

Validity : 18 Months from date of production

Ingredient: Edamame x 500g

Halal Certified Factory for processing frozen food

Validity : 18 Months from date of production

Serving Purpose : 

1. Breakfast / Brunch

2. Lunch / Dietary Meal

3. Dinner

Preparation Method :

1. Grill (Vegetarian Patty)

2. Stir-Fry (Vegetarian Patty)

3. Boiling or Steam (Corn cob & Edamame)

4. Microwave (Corn cob & Edamame)

Keep frozen at -18degree celsius